Accent Softening

What is ‘Accent softening’?

Accent softening is the term used to describe the process of lessening any ‘strong’ accent, either international or regional, and creating a geographically ‘neutral’ English accent. The overall goal of accent softening is always that of greater clarity of communication.

I am currently writing a book about accent softening for publisher Harper Collins, due for release in July 2012.

If you’re not sure whether accent softening is for you, answer the questions below;

Are you a non-native English speaker, and find that you are often misunderstood?

Are you a native English speaker with a strong regional accent that you fear is holding you back at work?

Are you tired of always being asked ‘Where are you from?’ after working so hard to learn English?

Is your tone of voice often misinterpreted? Do people sometimes think you’re asking a question, when in fact, you’re actually making a statement?

Are you an actor working on your day-to-day RP?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then I’m here to help. As an accent coach I believe all accents are wonderful, but I also understand that if your accent is strong, it could be creating communication problems for you, or holding you back in your chosen area of work. Working with me on ‘accent softening’ can help you to feel more comfortable communicating in English, in settings both personal and professional.

Accent softening isn’t about making everyone sound the same. It is about making sure that both your words and intentions are understood, enabling you to speak more confidently in all situations.

Keep an eye on my events page for details of upcoming accent softening workshops.