Work On Your Accent Seminar: Clear Speech for Effective Communication

Cost: £45
Location: Covent Garden, London

Join Helen Ashton & Sarah Shepherd - authors of Collins Work On Your Accent - for a comprehensive introduction to the world of accent softening. In this seminar, for speakers of English as a second or other language, you will learn all about what accent softening is, why it can help you, and how to work on your own accent in your own time. 

During the seminar, we will cover:

  • Why do I need to work on my accent? Why accent softening is useful
  • What am I doing wrong? The most common ESL speaker errors  in English
  • What should I be doing? How to use Work On Your Accent to structure your own daily practice for the quickest results
  • What will make my new sounds stick? How to take your new pronunciation skills into your daily life

The seminar cost includes a free copy of our newly published book Work On Your Accent, a comprehensive guide to clear speech which comes with an audio CD and DVD.  We are offering 2 hour introductory seminars, and  more in-depth 4 hour intensives. To secure your place, please email me on