Cost: £100 + VAT
Location: London

Work On Your Accent Workshop: Accent Softening for Effective Communication

Join the authors of Collins' Work On Your Accent - for a practical introduction to the world of accent work. In this seminar, for speakers of English as a second language, you will learn all about how to change your accent, what to work on first, and how to continue to work on your own accent independently. 

During the workshop, we will cover:

  • Why do I need to work on my accent? Why accent softening is useful.
  • What am I doing wrong? The most common mistakes made by speakers of English as a second language.
  • What should I be doing? How to structure your own daily practice for the quickest results.
  • What will make my new sounds stick? How to take your new pronunciation skills into your daily life
You will receive individual advice as to areas you would most benefit from addressing, as well as practical strategies for how to achieve ongoing progress. All attendees of this workshop also receive a 50% discount off your first individual training session with either Sarah or Helen, should you wish to continue your accent-modification journey!

 Saturday 24th February 10am - 4pm

Workshop will be held in Central London, further details will be sent on booking.